GOD SIGNGod Signs coverS, The Bible in a Nutshell

ISBN13: 9781632321183

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God Signs truly is The Bible in a Nutshell. Rich, descriptive scriptures of the Amplified Bible are connected with narrative to form a mosaic depicting God’s revealed purpose in creating the universe. God has given us the Bible so we will know why we are here, and how we fit into the overall scheme of His design. Didn’t He know that Adam and Eve would go astray and produce a world filled with pain, violence and suffering? How could He have been motivated by love to allow such a thing? The name of Jesus Christ is exalted as God Signs underscores the Bible’s answers to these questions. An allegorical description of the plan of salvation is included in the introduction. The chapters that follow discuss God’s purpose in creation and the promises He has made to mankind and to the individual. If God’s promises are enough, why did He give Abraham a promise and an oath? What must one do to inherit the fulfillment of God’s promises? The answers as revealed in the lives of Abraham, Moses and others are discussed. These answers are then supported in detail by unfolding the prophetic mysteries of the mandatory ancient Hebrew feasts and their relationship to the examples and commandments of Jesus Christ. The reader is challenged to cooperate with Jehovah God, and thus receive the intended eternal inheritance.

Donald Henderson encountered the saving love of Jesus Christ in his mid-teen years. His faith continued to grow during his years as a United States service academy cadet, NCAA wrestling champion, Vietnam era pilot and mechanical engineer in the defense industry. As a suburban missionary for more than ten years and a student of the Bible for more than forty years, he takes seriously the Lord’s call to discipline, obedience and death to self.